Dogo Argentino

Argentine Dogo is a loyal dog who makes a great guardian of the home and family. Playful and very good with children. The breed’s first public appearance took place at the “Hunting Dog Show,” organized by the “Buenos Aires Hunters Club” on grounds of the Argentine Rural Society, September 28, 1947. The original standard for the breed had been published in the May 1947 issue of Diana Magazine. Dogo Argentino is powerful, loyal, intelligent and playful. The Dogo Argentino puppies need an experienced pet owner to take care of them as they need plenty of patient, love and attention. They have thick, short and glossy coat in white color. They do not have odor.

Dogo Argentino are protective of what they perceive as their territory and will guard it against any intruder. They get along with other dogs as long as they have been properly socialised, but will usually not tolerate another dog trying to assert dominance over them and might not coexist peacefully with another dominant breed of dog.